Saturday, January 3, 2015

Friday, June 6, 2014

seagulls in anna maria island, fl

jay and i decided to feed some seagulls while we were on vacation in florida. i think we both went into it thinking it would be a quiet crowd of a few birds gathered on the sand. much to our surprise/awe/slight horror, it turns out they're super aggressive and would rather catch food mid-air, five inches from your face.

at least it made for a memorable experience and some interesting photos!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

riding glass bottom boats at silver springs state park in ocala, fl

one of the coolest things in my hometown is an old attraction from the 1870's that the state acquired last year and converted to a state park. silver springs is home to hundreds of small springs as well as the main spring, which is 30 ft deep. many of these springs, including the main one, can be seen from aboard glass bottom boats which are currently run by a concession within the park. we took a ride on one of the boats when we visited a few weeks ago -- something i used to do all the time as a kid, but haven't in many years.

a lot of the river bottom has been overrun by eel-grass in recent years, but the army corps of engineers has pledged to clean up the river within a few years to restore it to its original state.

many of the areas directly over springs are free of eel-grass due to the current from the vents.

this submerged boat is a spot we'd always stop at to check out in my parent's private boat. when i was little, the area was always full of gar fish, but nowadays you're lucky if you see even one :(

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

st. andrew's cathedral, st. andrews, scotland

As I posted all last week, Jay and I were able to take a "quick" long weekend trip to Scotland a few weeks ago. We spent the first day wandering around our home base of Edinburgh, rented a car the second day to travel to some ruins south of the city, spent the third day taking a train north to St.Andrews, and then spent our last day lazing around Edinburgh again and indulging in a swanky traditional Scottish meal.

These photos were from our day trip to St. Andrews, at St. Andrews Cathedral.

The Cathedral was built in 1158 and measured over 391 ft long. Roughly only half of the outside structure remains, above is pictured one end with half of the main entrance standing in the center, and below, is pictured the other end.

Close-up of the half of the main entrance that remains erect.

Jay in the ruins of one of the naves.

View from the cemetery behind the cathedral.