First – It goes without saying that I am beyond thankful for the fact that cleaning, laundry, menstrual management, and the guilt of constantly ordering takeout are the worst of my current “complaints.” My privilege is not lost on me, especially in this era of racial and social inequality, punctuated by a pandemic.

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I created this small series as a reaction to my own burnout. I’d just come off an incredibly busy fall/holiday photography season, had been feeling the effects of seasonal affective disorder, and was overwhelmed by the repetitiveness of almost a year of physical distancing during a pandemic. While there’s a bit of a light-hearted nod to the monotonous tasks that make up the majority of my days, these photos were also a way for me to get out of my rut and make something completely different from my usual work.

Some art therapy, if you will.

“Our Lady of Perpetual Laundry”

There are only three of us in this house, but our laundry seems to outnumber us at a ratio of 100:1. Loosely inspired by “The Sweetest Heart of Mary” artwork by Magdalena Walulik – with bounce laundry sheet “lillies” and tide pod “sacred heart” – color corrected to match the green color scheme.
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“The Queen of Clean (ing)”

Somehow there are always new dust bunnies, the shower immediately has soap scum after scrubbing it, and the vacuum always misses a spot. Loosely inspired by the painting “Queen Elizabeth I in Coronation Robes” with scrubbing pad “orb,” toilet bowl cleaner “scepter,” and cleaning gloves “crown.”
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“HRH, The Duchess of ‘How Has It Been 28 Days Already?'”

Sometimes the days are so monotonous, the only way I’m alerted to the fact that it’s been another month is when I get my period. A part of me also wanted to make this one in particular because no one really talks about the burden of menstruation. On top of running a business, keeping the house (somewhat) in order, and any number of other things we women do, we also (mostly) silently manage the inconvenience of bleeding, pain, cramping, and mood swings. Loosely inspired by the portrait of Meghan Markle by Tim O’Brien and photos of Duchess Kate Middleton by Victoria Jones via Getty Always brand maxi pad sash, Tampax radiant tampon tiara.
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“The Patron Saint of ‘I Don’t Feel Like Cooking Can We Order Takeout Again'”

I wanted this one to speak to the guilt and privilege associated with ordering takeout several times a week. Loosely inspired by the painting Saint Catherine of Alexandria” by Raphael. Halo of takeout utensil packets and sauces.
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Allison Corinne is a maternity, newborn, and creative portrait photographer in Bethesda, MD. She was raised by her Dominican Roman Catholic mother and WASPy father, and chose images from both traditions as inspiration for these photos.