Advanced Editing Services

Advanced Photoshop Editing


How Can I Help?

Whether you need basic edits such as color replacements or lighting adjustments, or more advanced artistic, surreal, or fine art edits, I’m happy to help.

As a Photoshop educator who is both a Click Pro Master and a Hello Storyteller Pro I can help bring your photos from beautiful to unique and impactful.

We’ll first chat about your vision during a complimentary consult, and then I’ll put together a custom quote based off your needs.


How Does It Work?

Editing services are open to anyone, anywhere, though you must either be the copyright holder of the image OR have an editing release agreement directly from the original photographer. Copyright laws prohibit me from editing an image that I did not take, unless I have permission from the copyright holder.

During your consult you’ll show me examples or describe what you’d like to have done, and we’ll go from there.

General rates for basic edits are listed below, or you can get in touch to chat about customized edits or editing bundles.

I also offer 1:1 Photoshop mentoring if you’d like to learn to edit your own images!


Editing Gallery: Before and After Images

Pricing – Basic and Advanced Editing Rates

  • Hourly editing rate is $85. Your custom quote will be listed as a “per image” fee based on the amount of time each photo will require.
    • Basic edits are usually around $15-30 per photo depending on your needs
      • Skin tone and texture correction
      • Exposure, white balance, and lighting adjustments to bring focus to subject
      • Color correction
      • Removal of distracting objects
      • Cleanup of backdrops and/or clothing (i.e. removal of spots, stains, and/or creases)
    • Advanced and artistic edits are usually around $45-100 per photo depending on your needs
      • Background replacement
      • Addition of artistic elements
      • Surreal editing
      • Fine art editing
      • All advanced and artistic edits also include a separate image file with basic edits applied

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