Bare belly maternity photos, or as I like to call them, Northern Virginia “casual boudoir” maternity photos, can run the gamut from sexy and sensual to maternal and nurturing. Whether you decide to capture fully nude maternity photographs or only expose your pregnant belly, these images are a great way to celebrate the incredible changes mother’s bodies go through to support new life.

During your casual boudoir maternity session, there’s no pressure to act “sexy” or “make faces” at the camera – in fact, I’ll encourage you to act naturally, and many photos will feature you looking away from the camera to create a candidly captured feel.

If you’re feeling sexy, that’s fantastic, and I’ll be your cheerleader to encourage that feeling, exploring your sensuality and leaning into the true boudoir aspect of these images… but many women in late pregnancy don’t feel sexy and that’s totally fine too.

If you’re not feeling sexy, we’ll lean into more of a nurturing and maternal feel for your images. I’ll walk you through a brief grounding exercise – we’ll use slow, deliberate breathing and some grounding prompts to help you feel rooted in the moment. We’ll build on this connection to your surroundings to create images that have an emotionally deep feel and feel truly genuine.

casual boudoir bare belly maternity photograph

If your children are participating in the session, I’ll encourage you to interact in playful ways with them – these images will have more of a maternal and innocent feel, sometimes called a “motherhood” session, and are a great way to capture your family in this “in-between” stage, before the size of your family increases.

casual boudoir bare belly maternity photograph
casual boudoir bare belly maternity photograph

As your Bare Belly Maternity Photographer – I’m happy to capture your images indoors or outdoors depending on the look you want to have for your photos as well as your comfort level. I can also provide robes and accessories such as floral crowns and garlands, to help complete your vision.

Some mothers like to capture a before and after pregnancy images during their bare belly / casual boudoir maternity photography session. Planning these images ahead of time can help ensure we’re matching location, wardrobe, and lighting, for an impactful set of images.

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Check out my portfolio of nude and bare belly maternity photographs below (warning; some images are NSFW)! If you’re interested in booking a maternity photography session, you can find more info here. You can also read what clients are saying about their Northern Virginia casual boudoir maternity photos in my Google Reviews here. If you have more questions or are ready to book, get in touch!