Why You Should Get Fancy For Your Maternity Photoshoot

Why You Should Get Fancy For Your Maternity Photoshoot — Pregnancy is a wonderful excuse for dressing up and celebrating yourself! Whether you’re a girly girl, an alt-indie type, or a drama lover, ballgown maternity photos in Northern Virginia can be interpreted in many ways to suit many different styles.

How Often do You Get To Wear a Ballgown?!

If you’re anything like me the answer is… once? At my own wedding?

Growing an entire new human being is a great excuse to wear one again. Celebrate baby, celebrate YOU, celebrate how wild and magical it all is, and pamper yourself for how hard it is.

Ballgowns can be as simple or complex, as timeless or as trendy as you want it to be.

With the option to wear a second outfit (ballgown or more casual), we can plan to capture a wide variety of images from fun and playful, to somber and emotional, to romantic or artsy.

glamorous outdoor maternity photos pregnancy photography yellow gown floral crown

You Miss Playing Dress-up as a Kid

If you miss playing dress-up, then ballgown maternity photos might be for you!

Maternity ballgowns can be further dressed up by adding accessories such as floral and feather crowns, jewelry, and scarves or wraps.

Accessories such as floral crowns may lend more of an ethereal feel, while jewelry may emphasize glamor, and scarves or wraps may give the images a more maternal feel.

Keeping it Simple

Or you can forgo accessories in favor of a simpler, more classic look

glamorous outdoor maternity photo pregnancy emerald green dress
northern virginia creative maternity photo with unique background location

Not sure? Try Embracing Your Inner Goth, Nerd, Punk, or Alt Self

A darker vibe

For those who want to dress up, but aren’t into the flowery options, a classic black gown may be the way to go, accessorized with funkier jewelry or accessories

Location Location Location

The location you choose can help to accentuate the style of glamor you’re looking for – a location with rocky formation on the river has an indie, tough-girl vibe, while a historic mansion has an old world glamor vibe. An open field or shady edge of a wooded area can have a fantastic or ethereal vibe.

northern virginia glamorous maternity photos pregnancy gown

See More Reasons Why You Should Get Fancy For Your Maternity Photoshoot

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