A fun and contemporary take on a nostalgic 90’s theme, neon maternity photos can be as grown up and sensual or lighthearted and playful as you’d like.

Getting Creative With Neon Glow Pregnancy Backgrounds

Maybe you were a gamer or had fond memories of the rave scene, or maybe you have an observer’s penchant for retro-inspired photos. Almost any background can be interpreted in neon, so personalizing these images is only limited by our creativity!

While a neon city seems like an obvious choice, a neon jungle also works well, and a neon garden or swanky room could be cool too.

Adding Neon Swirls to Otherworldly Views

Neon swirls and dust particles create a light-painted effect on this full-moon maternity photo. When backgrounds seem to fantastical to be real, sometimes adding *more* fantasy is the way to go.

Other options you might consider for a neon light-painting effect; snowy northern lights, underwater themed, or outer space.

Neon Lights To Level-Up a Studio Maternity Photo

If a full background replacement is too fantastical, adding some color or detail to a studio backdrop might be the way to go. This adds neon flare without being as “imaginary” as a full background swap.

What to Wear for My Neon Glow Maternity Photoshoot?

A bodysuit, bikini set, or bra and panties are the best options for neon glow maternity photos. The lights need to shine off of bare skin for maximum impact.

Black to absorb light, or metallic/latex-look/shiny fabrics to reflect and distort the light, are all good fabric options for your skin-baring ensemble.

Interested in Neon Glow Maternity Photos?

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