How to Pose Maternity Photos

Follow the tips and tricks below for how to pose for maternity photos to get the most flattering images.

  • Keep your chin lifted and neck long, sticking your head out/forward may feel strange but will help create a longer appearance in photos
  • Keeping weight on one leg will keep a more flattering appearance of curves
  • Having hands separated has a more “tender” appearance than hands clasped together or touching — make sure to keep wrists “soft” and without angles
    • Sticking belly out will help to relax shoulders

Tips and Tricks for a Traditional Maternity Pose

  • Arm closest to camera should be towards the bottom of the belly – this helps to create a longer/taller appearance and eliminates the “chicken wing arm” of a bent front arm
  • Bending the front leg will help retain curves and softness of body
  • Turning the body so the front leg is covering the rear leg will help accentuate a pregnant belly
    • Sticking belly out will help to relax shoulders

How to Pose for a Maternity Pose With Personality

  • Be mindful of facial expressions and where the eyes are pointed — too much white of the eyes showing can have an odd appearance
  • Hand resting on hip has a more playful appearance than hand running down back
    • Play around with hair flips instead of hand on back, or play with dress/skirt to get movement

See more examples of how to pose for maternity photos below. If you’d like to book a session, maternity info can be found here, and my contact is here.