All images copyright Allison Corinne Maternity Photographer.

The following Northern Virginia Halloween Maternity Photos Inspiration were taken during various creative and maternity sessions and make great inspiration for future halloween maternity photoshoots!

With the magic of Photoshop, I can turn day into night and add elements like crows, bats, lightning, moons, smoke, fog, and more.

A fantasy halloween photo with my client dressed up as a bat, surrounded by sleeping bats, inside a home with trees in it! Why not?!

woman dressed up as bat hanging upside down in purple room with trees

For a previous year’s halloween photo, we embraced the glitchy and blurry photo trend to create uniquely weird and spooky halloween images

spooky halloween photo of woman ghost with flames over her head

For this self portrait project, I imagined myself as the Greek goddesses stuck in their homes during a pandemic. Hecate was particularly spooky and I used some creepy tree and fog elements enhance the spookiness of the image. (You can view the rest of the images from this project here:

If you’re open to adding more subtle creepiness, adding phantom limbs can create a spooky image without being too over-the-top.

Creating a floating image by standing on a step stool or ladder, then removing the stool in photoshop is a definite way to create a halloween-ready spooky photo.

Lighting can also create a spooky image, particularly using colored gel over lights or lighting from slightly below.

Finally, if you’re not ready to take the full plunge into “spookiness,” sometimes a darker wardrobe with a more classic edit is the way to go, as with this maternity image.

northern virginia creative maternity photo with unique background location

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