spooky halloween photo woman in black cape standing on rocks with crows and moon behind her

I created these images as part of a creative spooky photoshoot northern virginia session, but they could translate well to a Halloween or spooky themed maternity photoshoot!

bethesda creative photographer goth photos

With the magic of editing, we can add fun elements such as smoke and fog, or in this case, a murder of crows. I can also change the colors of the sky and surroundings to create different vibes such as nighttime with blues and purples as above, or an eerie apocalyptic feel with reds and oranges as below.

creepy apocalyptic portrait photo woman in black vail and hood on rocks by water

In these images, a purple sky and added moon create an image that looks like a nighttime portrait even though the image was taken during the day.

In this final spooky halloween photoshoot image, extra attention to detail was paid in the reflection of the moon for a more accurate renduring.

Check out my more images from creative photoshoots below! You can also find more info about creative photoshoots here, and read what clients are saying about their photos in my Google Reviews here. If you have more questions or are ready to book your spooky photoshoot northern Virginia, get in touch!