My Favorite Photoshop Tweaks for Perfecting Portraits

#1 – Perfecting Wardrobe

Using photoshop, I can fill in areas of a flower crown that aren’t as full, remove water marks from the bottom of a dress that touched wet grass, remove wrinkles from clothing, etc. These tiny touches help to bring the focus back to the subject.

In the example photo, I filled out a flower crown to be more symmetrical, and removed a few small light spots for a cleaner appearance.

#2 – Perfecting Background

Sometimes even the most beautiful background needs a little help reaching perfection. Maybe it’s changing the color of flowers to better match an outfit, or removing distracting elements like tree branches or patches of shade.

#3 – True to Life Skin Tones

Green grass, red dresses, and other surrounding objects can create color casts that affect the appearance of skin tone. Using Photoshop, I’m able to remove those color casts if and when they appear.

#4 – Body Adjustments – By Request Only

I’m a firm believer in body positivity. We’re perfect the way we are. But I know some seasons of life can be tough, and those tiny adjustments to a photo can help us feel better.

Please note, I do not alter bodies unless requested.

#5 – Using Photoshop to Add a Touch of Magic

Because sometimes the strategic placement of a pale rainbow, or flock of birds just completes the photo.

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