Hiring a Northern Virginia maternity photographer who photoshops their photos means you get images that look like YOU — at your best.

#1 – Perfecting Your Wardrobe

Having a photographer who photoshops their maternity photos with complicated and advanced edits to your wardrobe means you have the peace of mind that your outfit will look custom tailored to you. It also means that your outfit will always look its best regardless of things like water marks, deodorant stains, dirt on hems, or wrinkles.

In the example photo, I filled out a flower crown to be more symmetrical, and removed a few small light spots for a cleaner appearance.

#2 – Perfecting Your Background

Sometimes even the most beautiful background needs a little help reaching perfection. Maybe it’s changing the color of flowers to match your outfit, or removing distracting elements like tree branches or patches of shade.

#3 – True to Life Skin Tones

Green grass, red dresses, and other surrounding objects can create color casts that affect the appearance of skin tone. Being an expert editor means I’m able to remove those color casts if and when they appear.

#4 – Taking off the Five Pounds That the Camera Adds

Look, everyone is PERFECT THE WAY THEY ARE at all ages, weights, stages, etc… but I also know the camera can add a few pounds, so I like to take them back off.

#5 – Adding a Little Bit of Magic

Because sometimes the strategic placement of a pale rainbow, or flock of birds just completes the photo.

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