Getting Beautiful and Creative Maternity Photos in the DMV is a Simple, Collaborative Process.

DMV creative maternity photos can range from feminine and dreamlike, to fun and a little silly, to dramatic, dark, and moody. Read on for more info about the process and see examples from previous unique maternity photo sessions I’ve done.

Starting with a “feeling”

The first step in planning your creative maternity session will be to determine what kind of feeling you want in your images.

Do you want it to feel classic and timeless? Whimsical and fun? Deep and soulful?

We’ll take these ideas and start to flesh them out.

If you have a theme in mind, we’ll also talk about how to apply it to your images in a tasteful way that still feels genuine to you and your family’s story, and without feeling too “gimmicky” or “cheesy.”

northern virginia creative maternity photo with copper ring sun flare
northern virginia creative maternity photo with fall leaf garland

Fleshing out the idea

We’ll then talk about wardrobe and location – the largest two components of bringing your ideas to fruition.

We’ll also talk about props and whether or how we should use them in your session. I like to keep props to a minimum so as not to overwhelm the images.

Depending on the amount of desired drama for the maternity images, we may choose to utilize colored lighting.

Post editing

All Northern Virginia Creative Maternity Photos will receive standard post editing and retouching.

Additional post editing may be applied to enhance the creative aspect of your maternity photos, but we’ll chat about this aspect beforehand.

Post editing may include adding flares (such as pictured in the photo at right), or adding texture overlays such as flowers, leaves, shimmery dust particles, etc. For certain sessions, we may choose to add intentional blur, camera movement, or distortion depending on the intended look.

Additional creative objects may be added if desired such as birds, stars or moons, animals such as deer, rabbits, or even dinosaurs if befitting the theme.

With my advanced Photoshop skills, there’s virtually no limit to the creative aspect of your maternity photos. On the off chance your desired images are beyond the scope of my abilities, I’ll advise you at booking

northern virginia creative photo with rainbow ring flare
northern virginia creative portrait photo

See More Examples

The below portfolio contains photos from previous creative photography sessions. You can also read what clients are saying about these sessions in my Google Business Reviews. If you’re ready to book or have questions, Get In Touch!

The gallery includes images from the following sessions;

Goth photos – dramatic wardrobe, and moon and bird overlays were used to enhance the dark feel.

Domestic goddess conceptual photos – wardrobe, strategic usage of props, and environmental overlays were used to tie the modern gods to their ancient symbolism.

Portraits with intentional blur, creative post-processing effects, and sun and lens flare.

Maternity photographs with a variety of themes from fall to “witchy light”