Spoiler alert – even the smallest, barest backyard can make for an excellent location for your Northern Virginia Backyard Newborn Photographer to capture beautiful photos.

Read on to find the TWO things I look for as your Northern Virginia backyard newborn photographer, plus some bonus spaces that can create interesting images.

Fortunately babies are small and don’t need a lot of space! We also usually don’t move around much during newborn sessions, and most of the photos are taken close up. We can typically work around things like bald grass spots, neighbor’s houses, or playsets with a combination of strategical angles and blurred backgrounds.

Check out these backyard newborn photoshoots! All of the below images were taken in client’s front or back yards. No public spaces were used for any of these images.

1) Open Shade.

Depending on the time of day and how much cloud cover there is, we’ll likely want to make sure there’s open shade available for your backyard newborn photography session in Northern Virginia. Open shade could be a dense, leafy tree, a patio cover or sun shade, or the shadow created by your actual house.

The two images at right were taken under shade from a dense/leafy tree.

The key to this type of shade, is that the shadow it creates is a solid one – not “dappled” or patterned like shade from a sparser tree.

Best Maternity and Newborn Photographer Washington DC family of five with baby girl daughter toddler girl and young boy son laying on blanket outdoors

2) Interesting furniture or accessories from inside your home.

Patio chairs and sofas can be draped with fabric, bassinets can be brought outside, and even a swing on a child’s playset can be used for a sweet photo during your backyard newborn photography session in Northern Virginia.

3) Bonus spaces.

Bonus spaces certainly aren’t required for a backyard newborn photography session in Northern Virginia, but can potentially add more variety to your final gallery of images.

Settings like a front porch or a window with access from the outside can make unique photos that also capture the house you brought your baby home to.

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All of the following photos were taken in client’s front or back yards. You can also read what clients are saying about these sessions in my Google Business Reviews